Rocket League 2vs2 tournament #1 Recap

Fight until the last seconds – Rocket League 2vs2 tournament #1

The 1st Cyber Sports Riga Rocket League 2vs tournament was in the middle of February. The tournament went 3 days as the regular season was played in the first two days and the play-offs were held in the last one. The tournament was sponsored by the driving school Credo Autoprieks which provided gift card for the 2nd place, the winners got all the money prize pool, but the third place got football balls.

The average age of the participants was 21 years. Already in the 1st tournament, there was an international player from the Netherlands, and VCP bleizeri team was represented by father and son – Edžus and Gustavs Ķaukuļi!


ArchijssGoal diggers18
BlagaUnitBronze bros28
CynicalTeam Evolution22
DRIPPYBRICK-Free Shmoney20
G BALLOON8533VCP bleizeri35
G BALLOON8533(1)VCP bleizeri17
GeeZeeL Casei Defensis28
HaunterTeam Evolution18
JurkaansBronze bros1928
KraislerssGoal diggers18
Viscous AttackL Casei Defensis1933
ÊževinFree Shmoney32

Total of 7 teams participated. Round robin method was used in the regular season as one team played once against all other teams. The best performance was showed by Free Shmoney which won all six games, scored 30 goals and conceded only 7! Second best team was Bronze bros (6-1) and the third place went to L Casei Defensis (5-2).

Rocket League 2vs2 tournament #1 Teams

0Bronze bros
0Free Shmoney
0Goal diggers
0L Casei Defensis
0Team Evolution
0VCP bleizeri

Free Shmoney got the BYE in the first round and already qualified to the semifinals. Quarterfinals and semifinals were played in best of 3 series but games for 1st and 3rdplace were best of 5 series.

All three 1st round series went 2-0 but semifinals were way more interesting. Regular season champs Free Shmoney lost the first game against Goal diggers 1:3, they won the possible elimination game 5:3. In the deciding 3rd game both teams didn’t rush things but Free Shmoney showed why they were the best in the regular season, won 2:0 and got the place in the final.

Second semifinal was between Bronze bros and L Casei Defensis. The first game went to L Casei Defensis as they stunned the opponents and won 3:0. The next game was a must win for Bronze bros and they won easily 4:1 but the most entertaining was the last game. Two even teams were on the field, but a little more luck was in the L Casei Defensis side – 2:1 in the game and series!

In the series for 3rd place Bronze bros swept Goal diggers.

Battle between Free Shmoney and L Casei Defensis in the finals started with a L Casei Defensis 6:3 win. The next two games went to Free Shmoney, in the 4th game L Casei Defensis showed pride and that the series won’t stop – 4:2 and the deciding game 5 is here!

We couldn’t ask much more because the battle was very interesting, both teams scored a goal and after 5 minutes there wasn’t a winner, so it meant only one thing – overtime! The extra time started but it only took a few seconds for Ģirts Zāģeris aka GeeZeeCeltics to score a goal – L Casei Defensis (Andris Stikuts and Ģirts Zāģeris) is the winner of the first Rocket League tournament!

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