CSR x Kronte Warzone 2.5k/d limit tournament info and registration

We are happy to announce a new collaboration with a very promising gaming platform called Kronte. No more screenshots from players, no more guessing if someone is cheating – just plain esports.

What is Kronte?

At Kronte we offer a data-analysis based solution for the gaming and eSports industry.

Thanks to our new technology, it is possible to create automated tournaments, detect cheats & smurf accounts and measure the results in real time without the need to take screenshots.

We want both organizers and contestants to stop worrying about the most boring stage of a tournament so that they can have fun. In other words: we want you to enjoy the tournament.


CSR x Kronte Warzone DUO Tournament Details

Registration from 31.05.2022 to 10.06.2022 (till 17.00 Latvian time)
The tournament is on June 10th, from 19.00 – 23.00 (4 hours)
Best 3 games will count towards the final score. (no need to send in scores – thanks to Kronte)
Prize pool – 70% of participation fees go to the first 3 teams
Tournament size restrictions – none

Tournament Information

  1. Countries Allowed:
  2. Platforms Allowed:
  3. Players Per Team Allowed:
    2 players 
  4. Player’s Individual K/D ratio Allowed:
    2.50 or less
  5. Tournaments Price:
    10 euros from a team + transaction fees.  
    A participation fee has to be paid right after the team’s registration.
    Registration has to be done on the Kronte website.
  6. Tournament Format:
    Kill race
    1 kill = 1 point
    The best 3 games will count towards the final score
    The team with the most kills from 3 best games will win
    Game Mode – BR DUOs
  7. Tiebreakers –
    1) highest single round placement wins
    and then if 1st tiebreaker rule doesn’t decide
    2) Lowest team K/D ratio SUM wins
  8. Questions about the tournament and registration:
    Players must be present in CSR Discord and “selected-your-game” – Warzone. 
    Ask questions to organizers –
    1) Cyber Sports Riga Discord channel by opening a ticket – 🆘support.
    2) Kronte Discord – Kronte Discord

How to Register?

  1. Team leader has to create the team:
  2. The other player that is part of the team has to join the team:
  3. The team leader joins the team with all the participants in it:
  4. FAQ:

Tournament Prizes

70% of participation fees go to the first 3 teams
1st place 50%
2nd place 30%
3rd place 20%

*Money prizes will be distributed no more than one week after the tournament’s last day. 


1) Register here – Tournaments ID: 7d901

2) Pay the tournaments participation fee here