Warzone 1.5 K/D ratio CUP registration

Cyber Sports Riga is organizing another Call of Duty Warzone 1.5 k/d ratio tournament for players who want to really enjoy their time in esports competition. We believe that these tournaments could be a stepping stone to those teams that do not (yet) believe in themselves to participate against “PRO” players. Here is your chance.

Warzone 1.5 k/d CUP requirements and info

☝️ Team participation fee – 10 euros (+ transaction fees).
☝️ Register till September 8th 20.00 (GMT+3)
☝️ Only 2 players are allowed per team.
☝️ Only players with a 1.50 k/d ratio or less can participate (it can grow during the tournament).
☝️ The player’s account has to be active for at least three weeks.
☝️ Players have to be present in our Discord and “selected-your-game” – Warzone.

1️⃣st phase – Kill Race
September 7th – September 10th public games.

2️⃣nd phase – Elimination
September 11th – 1/8 and 1/4 games at 19.00 and 20.00
September 12th – 1/2 games at 19.00. 3rd place / 1st place game at 20.00
* All times are shown in GMT+3 time zone.

Warzone 1.5K/D Ratio CUP prizes are

1️⃣ 80% of all the tournament participation fees!
The winners get 50%
2nd place 30%
3rd place 20%

2️⃣ Prizes from 4games.pro
The winners get – Gaming mouse Canyon Puncher GM-20, White
2nd place – Gaming mouse pad Canyon CND-CMP10
3rd place – Gaming mouse pad Canyon MP-2

3️⃣ First 3 teams will punch a ticket to the “PRO” Warzone tournament which will be announced soon after this tournament.

4️⃣ 2x Personalized 5stars caps from our 3×3 basketball player / Olympic champion / COD Warzone Player – Nauris Miezis – https://www.instagram.com/p/CSKSzU4i25F/

5️⃣ Warzone 1.5 K/D CUP for the winners. 🏆

6️⃣ First three Kill Leaders will receive coffee from mil-coffee.eu
– 100% Arabica coffee
– Roasted in Latvia – the leading coffee roastery in the Baltic States
– We are supporting the veterans of the Latvian Army
– Excellent taste, guaranteed power, 100% quality

  • Also during the Warzone 1.5 k/d ratio cup, you can order a Gaming mouse XTRFY M4 Tokyo (which is a limited edition gaming mouse) from 4games.pro with a 10% discount code – CYBER1.5KD

1️⃣ The first phase – 4 days to send in teams 3 best scores!!

All teams have 4 days to get the 3 best scores. Within those 4 days, teams can play as many games of Warzone DUOS as they like and submit their three best game results.

We ask every team to record/stream their games in case of any complications occur.
Map – Verdansk
Game mode – BR Buy Back Duos or BR Duos (it depends what game is providing at the time)
Cross Play – enabled

Points System for the first phase –
⚫️ Each Kill : 1 point

Reporting stats/results of the game –
September 10th at 20.00 scores have to be sent in by Teams captain in the Cyber Sports Riga discord channel – 🆘support.
An example –
Game 1 – Kills (Player #1 nickname – kills, Player #2 – kills)
Game 2 – Kills (Player #1 nickname – kills, Player #2 – kills)
Game 3 – Kills (Player #1 nickname – kills, Player #2 – kills)
!!!Those stats have to show on cod.tracker.gg!!!

Please send your team’s scores as understandable as possible (screenshots from cod.tracker.gg + highlighted scores are preferred).

Teams discovered to have been playing in a game mode other than DUOS will receive 0 points.
If we receive no results it will be considered a forfeit.

*tiebreaker –
1st – team with the most kills from any of the games will win a tiebreaker.
2nd – a team that registered 1st for the tournament will win a tiebreaker.

After the first phase, the top 16 teams will advance to the 2nd phase.
If there are less than 16 teams – all teams will qualify for the elimination round.

2️⃣ The second phase – Elimination for Top 16 teams

In the elimination rounds, you will play two back-to-back games in Quads game mode with your opponent on the party/team.

We ask every team to record/stream their games in case of any complications occur.
Map – Verdansk
Game mode – BR Buy Back Quads or BR Quads (it depends what game is providing at the time)
Cross Play – enabled

The team with the most kills in two rounds advances to the next round.
*If after two matches the score is even, teams have to play an extra round.

Reporting stats/results of the game –
All scores have to be sent in by the Winning Teams captain in the Cyber Sports Riga discord channel – 🆘support as soon as possible.

Additional info

Disconnects – Players are responsible for their internet connection. If a player gets kicked out – the game resumes. No restarts!!!

Cheaters in public lobbies – There might be a cheater that might kill you from 3km away from you. No one is protected – no restarts when a cheater gets you unless there is a mutual agreement between both teams. Video proof has to be present.

You are more than welcome to make some highlights. When you stream, please refer to Cyber Sports Riga!

Cheating is not allowed by any means.

1) Register your team here –

2) New player registration –

*only for players that have not participated in previous CSR Warzone tournaments. Register here

3) Participation fee –

* pay the participation fee here

Warzone 1.5 k/d ratio cup Kill Leaders

RankPlayerTeamK/D ratioKillsNameSurname
5lvaSokiskTPKS1.1141Kaspars Sokolovskis
8lvaHuliitsGulaša Karaļi0.6232Roberts Jančonis
9lvaGriekisGulaša Karaļi1.2130Artis Gridjuško
13lvaYurchiXNo Film0.9422JurisBogdanovs
15lvaReacher7No Film1.1720EdijsĀbele
17lvaMoZo21Kariņš0.918MartiņšOzoliņš Ozols
19lvaEDGOZOZKariņš0.817EdgarsOzoliņš Ozols
21lvaMiezisTeam Riga 3×310NaurisMiezis
22lvaZiveTeam Riga 3×310Kārlis PaulsLasmanis

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Warzone 1.5 K/D tournament Kill leaders

RankPlayerTeamAgeK/D ratioKillsNameSurname
1lvaRencisEZLUL221.4041Renards Bergs
3lvaVesLVMV(T)P281.4434Mārtiņš Vesperis
9lvaEDGOZOZKariņš290.819EdgarsOzoliņš Ozols
10lvaSokiskLiepājnieki291.1119Kaspars Sokolovskis
15lvakwieSsWinDiesel’s270.8311Rūdolfs ReinisRudzītis