Warzone DUO 1.5 K/D Tournament Recap

Cyber Sports Riga Warzone DUO 1.5 KD tournament was a great opportunity to everyone who is not playing game every day. The top tier players could not participate because of the K/D cap limit and all the participants had a much better chance to win this tournament. 

Total of 9 teams participated in the tournament – they were from Latvia, Spain and Portugal!

Participation fee was 10 euros from the team and 90% of all the money went to the prize pool. 1st place got 40,50 euros, 2nd place – 24,30 euros, 3rd place – 16,20 euros.

The tournament took place in 2 phases. In the first one teams went to public lobbies and tried to get as many kills, in a single game as possible, in the 2h time period. After those 2h, teams had to send in 3 games with their best scores. 

Warzone 1.5 K/D tournaments 1st phase Team Standings

After that teams were ranked from 1st to 9th and play-offs could start. Again – everything was happening in the public lobbies, but this time it was a head-to-head matchup with your opponent on your team going against Quads.

In the final there was a clash between regular seasons 2nd best team EZLUL and 4th best Kariņš. Battle was tight because scores were not so high but, in the end, EZLUL had twice as many kills than the opponent and EZLUL won the tournament– 8:4! 3rd place got team MV(T)P which was the best in the regular season but in the 3rd place game beat ZupasVirtuve69 with a score 14:9.

Warzone 1.5 K/D tournament Kill leaders

RankPlayerTeamAgeK/D ratioKillsNameSurname
1lvaRencisEZLUL221.4041Renards Bergs
3lvaVesLVMV(T)P281.4434Mārtiņš Vesperis
9lvaEDGOZOZKariņš290.819EdgarsOzoliņš Ozols
10lvaSokiskLiepājnieki291.1119Kaspars Sokolovskis
15lvakwieSsWinDiesel’s270.8311Rūdolfs ReinisRudzītis

Thanks to all participants and stay tuned for the new Warzone tournament!